Grace At Work

Titus is one of those hidden gems among  Paul's 13 letters.  Everyone knows the great Romans and Galatians.  We are familiar with 1 Corinthians, especially with it’s great love chapter.  As Lutherans, we are obsessed with Ephesians and the fact that we are saved by grace through faith.  There is so much good stuff, but how often do we actually stop to explore the three chapters of Titus.  When we do, we find more than we bargained for. 


In Titus, Paul moves beyond questions of salvation to the grace that is at work in our every day lives.  Paul reveals the truth that grace has power far beyond salvation to transform our very hearts and lives.  Grace is at work in our lives changing us from the inside out that we might live out the new identity that is ours in Christ Jesus. 


Titus is all about God’s grace at work in the lives of God’s people.  It is God’s grace that drives us and the ministry of the church.  It is a grace that when separated from God’s truth can be manipulated and polluted.  It is God’s grace that is life for everyone who has been saved by Jesus.