Group Ministries:

Small Groups & Study groups

Followers of Jesus since the church began have been breaking themselves up into smaller gatherings to be a part of specific journeys of faith. Shepherd of the Hills is no different.

We have 2 types of group ministries: Small Groups & Study Groups.

Small groups gather together to be about 3 simple things: fellowship, time in the Word, and prayer. They can meet in backyards, living rooms, church fellowship halls, or even online.

Study groups gather together primarily to study God's Word directly or to follow a study looking at an aspect of the Christian life. They, of course, can have fellowship and prayer as well, but again they primarily are about the task of study and learning. 

Both groups are extremely important to the building up of the people of God and to living a kingdom life toward our neighbor and neighborhoods.

Both groups remind us that we are loved by the mighty Father, through the love and sending of His son Jesus. And through Jesus and the Holy Spirit we are now sent to love our neighbor and community.

Small groups

Small gatherings have been an integral part of the church since it was started on the Day of Pentecost almost 2000 years ago.

The pastors and the elders of Shepherd of the Hills have been convicted there needs to be a renewed focus on gathering together for fellowship, time in the word, and praying for each other (Acts 2:42). The timing seems especially perfect due to the separation and potential isolation caused by the shutdowns around COVID-19.

Below you will find a variety of small groups, both online and in-person, for you to pray about and potentially join. All groups will be taking a time to fellowship (get to know each other better), to discuss lightly the Gospel reading of the week, and to end each session with praying for each other and for the community.

Chuck Rose: Wednesdays at 10am at the church

- This small group is open for men only and is specifically designed to go deep into faith matters that face men especially.

Martin Twombly (elder): Mondays at 6pm in his backyard

- This small group is open to all. This group meets in Martin's spacious backyard, socially distanced.

Dick Holk (elder): Thursdays at 10am at the church

- This small group is open to all. The group will meet under the breezeway, socially distancing. This group usually looks at the assigned Gospel reading for each week from the historic lectionary.

Jonathan Howard (elder): Thursdays at 8pm on Zoom

- This small group is open to all and it's time slot is really going for all those night owls out there (or parents who just put down there young kids). They are currently looking at the book of Genesis.

If you wish to contact any of these leaders directly before signing up, click on their names to send them an email.

Click here to sign up with one of these small groups

study groups

Our Study Groups have been hugely important from the beginning for Shepherd of the Hills. These groups are committed to faithfully going deep into the Word of God as a community, and allowing those words to shape and lead their lives in practical ways.

Here is the list of  our current Study Groups. Please click the name of the leader to email them directly about possibly joining the group.

- Les Schaefer will be leading a Sunday morning bible study called "The Favorable Time - A Lenten Journey In Romans" starting

March 26th from 9:30am-10:30am in room 8.

Sherry Eaker. Leader of Morning Glories Women's Bible Study. These studies happen on Tuesdays 9:30-11am in chapel west starting. Right now they are doing a bible study called "The Book of Romans" by Darlene Schacht

- Lori Zeman & Susan Leal. Leaders of Evening Glories Women's Bible Study. These studies happen every Wednesday  7-8:45pm in room 8. Right now they are doing a bible study called "Striving less and trusting God more" by Melissa Spoelstra.

Fred Cabrera. Bible Study leader meeting on Thursdays  at 7pm in room 8 starting September 16th. They will be doing a 27-week study called "That The World May Know" by Ray Vander Laan.