Doing something new...with an old tradition

Every year about this time, the Board of Directors of Shepherd of the Hills presents the congregation with a proposed budget. This is true this year...but with a twist. In a time of great uncertainty and no little anxiety, we've decided to be completely open with our budget. You'll see everything...from how much we spend on communion supplies to how much the pastor gets paid. We do this for 2 distinct reasons:

1. Transparency

2. Accountability

We need not only to be unified but to be fully trusting of each other as we walk through this season of pandemics and political polarizations. We believe by being completely transparent and thus been open to accountability by y'all we can accomplish a unified trust.

This openness of budget isn't about pulling apart each line item of the budget, nor is it an invitation for the congregation to "fix" or "change" any of those line items. No, this is again about transparency and accountability, so when you vote a "yes" or a "no" or an "abstain" on the ballot you'll know what you are voting on.

I'm praying for this budget meeting, no doubt.  But, even more, I'm praying for the whole congregation to experience unity and trust in each other as we walk together being loved and sent by our Triune God.

Every year we have to talk about the elephant in the church's room...the budget. It doesn't have to be scary or contentious...but it does have to happen. Click on the budget link above to see the 2020-2021 proposed budget for the congregation.

You can also call or stop by the office to pick up a hard copy if you'd like!