Student ministry at a glance

Walking through the pre-teen years, teenage years, and early 20s can be quite exciting and quite scary at times. The ministry team at Shepherd of the Hills want to walk with not only the students but with parents as they go through this season of life. In this season, we believe 3 ideas are core to embracing this season of life: faith exploration, community development, and mentor growth. With these core ideas in mind we offer the following ministries to the students and their families.

Also, here's a letter from Pastor Jonathan explaining the Confirmation Journey process:  Confirmation Letter

  • Spark: Pre-confirmation (5th - 6th Grades)

    In Spark, the students begin their Confirmation of Faith journey by exploring deeper into the stories of the Bible as well as getting acquainted with Martin Luther's Small Catechism. During this "spark" process, the students are challenged (perhaps for the first time) to reflect on their own beliefs and simply start asking, "Why do we believe these things?" While reflecting on what they believe, the students will  begin to memorize and become aware of what the Church has believed through the ages, especially using the Bible and Luther's Small Catechism.

    Spark happens on Sunday mornings at 9am beginning in Chapel West and ending in Room 6.

  • o2: Confirmation and beyond (7th - 12th grades)

    As the students have their hearts and minds "sparked" by learning and growing older into their teen years, they are ready to go deeper into this journey of faith. Thus, we offer a breath of fresh air through our O2 class. This part of the journey starts focusing on the practical side of faith while still going deeper into learning about the story of the Bible and Martin Luther's Small Catechism. We go from simply asking the question , "Why do we believe these things?" to "How do I believe these things" and/or "If I struggle in my belief of these things, why is that?" Sometime in the 02 process, most of our students become ready to be confirmed in their faith through the rite of Confirmation. The great thing about this community is that some are almost ready to be confirmed and others are fairly recently confirmed in their faith, so it provides a great mix of understandings yet also an unifying the through the group.

    02 happens on Sunday morning at 9am in the Youth Room/Room 9. 11th-12th graders are welcome, but they will be asked to assist with the teaching of the day. This year our curriculum focuses on the Bible itself, especially in asking ourselves the questions: "How did the Bible come to be?" and "How should we read the Bible as a whole and as individual books?"

  • converge (7th grade - 12th grade)

    Converge is a place for all students to simply build community, learn to follow Jesus together, and have some fun doing it along the way. 

    On Wednesday nights, Converge starts at 6:15pm with worship in Chapel East, then at 7pm everyone teams up to play games and do activities. Then, we take from 7:45-8pm to have a time of drinks and snacks in the Youth Room/Room 9, which finally leads us from 8-8:30pm to break up into small groups for a time of devotion and prayer.

    Feel free to have your student come to one part or all parts of Converge Night!

  • 456 Ministry

    This is our 4th-6th grade youth group and discipleship time that happens on the 1st Sunday from 12pm-2pm every month. We always have a lunch together, play games, and then also share time in the Bible and share time in life with each other. If you have any questions regarding our 456 Ministry please contact our Family Life Director Amy Franzen here