Outdoor Worship services

After much prayer and consideration, Pastor Jonathan and the ministry staff have decided to begin offering outdoor worship services.

These are simple but meaningful sacramental outdoor worship services. The services will last 45 minutes.

As you register, please choose only one of services to attend by registering as a "Sunday 8am Seat" "Sunday 8am Car"

When registering for Seats spots, please register for everyone in your family who needs a seat. When registering for Car spots, please register just 1 car spot.

You can register multiple people from your family without giving their names, however, if someone contracts COVID-19 in your service you will be asked for the identities of who you registered by an elder or staff member of SOTH for internal use only. If you have any problems with this, please contact the church at soth@soth.org or Pastor Jon at jbrandenburg@soth.org

All registrants should be aware of the following guidelines for these services:

- Social distancing (6ft) will be observed at all times while on church grounds for non-family or non-residing together individuals

- Face-coverings will be worn at all times while standing outside under the breezeway or on the patio areas. Car spots don't have to wear a mask.

- Children 5 and under and people with respiratory issues are not required to wear masks

- All fellowshipping in the breezeway or on the patios will be done observing social distancing.

- Gatherings will not exceed 50 people in total

- All parishioners will be required to register for a worship time either online or by phone

- Full disclosure document of all these policies and warnings to vulnerable groups will be given at the time of registration

- Pastors and communion assistants will bring communion to each family. The bread and the wine will be given together with no touching being done by the pastor and/or the communion assistants

- COVID-19 information signs will be posted at all entrances and exits.

- Only 2 restrooms in the Chapel West hallway will be open for restroom use, and the restroom in the Cry Room will be for infant and younger children’s use.

- Offering will be taken at the beginning and the end of the service.

- No children or youth programs will be offered at any of the worship services, including nursery

- Chairs will be pre-setup for every family that registers for a "seat" spot. Please look for your family name tapped to the chairs.

- Hand sanitizing stations will be available at all exits and entrances.

- Our janitor will be sanitizing all used areas after every service

- There will be no refreshments offered and there will be no kitchen access.