ThE season of epiphany

  • What is epiphany all about?

    What? "The Epiphany of Our Lord" is the festival day that remembers the coming of the wisemen to worship Jesus. They found Jesus by following a star which led them to Him.  

    When? January 6 (the "13th" day of Christmas)

    Why? The Epiphany was the first time Gentiles (non-Jews) came in faith worshiping Our Lord. It teaches that Jesus is the Christ (anointed Saviour) of not merely the Jewish people, but of ALL people.  

    Epiphany? Epiphany means "to show forth" or "to reveal". When some new insight hits someone they may say, "I had an epiphany," as if some new thing had been revealed to them. Jesus' epiphany by God through a star to these foreigners shows that He is the saviour of all the world.  

    Biblical Text? Matthew 2:1-12. The Story of the Magi coming from the east to worship and give gifts to the baby/toddler Jesus.

Happenings around shepherd of the hills

As with any church, there are always special things which happen each season which some might know about and some might not. This page is dedicated to keeping me up to date on what's happening or what's going to happen soon at Shepherd of the Hills. These are non-registered events, meetings, or gatherings that we simply want to highlight in your schedule.


    Chapel West– Wednesdays @ 6:30 PM

    A time to walk through a time of intimate and ancient worship in an evening setting. This is followed by an experience of going deep into God's Word which is lead and facilitated by Pastor Larry.


  • EVENING GLORIES: A time for women to purse God's word

    Room 8– Wednesdays @ 7:00 PM

    This is a women’s Bible Study that focuses on various topics through variety of teachers which include Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, Kelly Minter, and many more .  For more information on Evening Glories please contact Susan Leal.